medstation_sharpAfter moving back to Texas to help my mother in her golden years, I started to become concerned about the confusion that she was experiencing when taking her prescribed medications. Not long after arriving I had to take her to the emergency room due to her not taking her medications correctly.

While at the hospital the third question the medical staff ask me was if she had taken her medicine correctly. They were not asking her; they were asking me. I looked over at mom and saw a look that I had not seen in years; she was truly scared.

So the medical staff started inserting a needle for medicine drips, heart monitors and such. I was told where the waiting room was located. Her local doctor came to speak to me about three hours later.

I was able to take her back to her home four days later. We both had a new appreciation of the value of “taking the right dose at the right time”.

I started looking for items that would help my mother take her prescribed medication correctly. I tried many things that were on the market but everything I tried did not really seem to work. There were items that would help in one area but nothing that could be a complete home health medicine system. I could see her getting frustrated again.

Being an Engineer; with a never again attitude, I began to work out ways to help alleviate any situations that might distract my mother from taking her medication correctly. Working together with local nurses, home health care services and her doctor. The concepts for the Home Med Station (HMS) was developed. The HMS is designed to only need attention once a week.

medicineOnce we got her to where she was taking her prescribed medications as instructed she started to travel and visit family & friends. She started to take charge again. I did not ever have to take her to an emergency room again due to her not taking her meds correctly.

The Home Med Station has been designed to be user friendly to the elderly; very rugged and will last for years. We have developed ways that will help the elderly to have an active lifestyle.

This medical device was awarded one of the BEST PATENT awards in Houston, Texas.


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