To aid people in maintaining compliance with their medical prescriptions. It acts a drug management solution to maintain a healthy life style. May reduce the need for hospital or doctors’ visits.


Our system incorporates weekly pill organizer and removable daily dispensers, visual and audio alarm, locking medicine storage, symptom recorder and travel aids.


The Home Med Station Benefits:

The Patented HomeMed Station is the most convenient method for managing medications.

Weekly pill organizer with alarm1. Large Format Digital Indicator with Alarm Reminders helps patients identify the correct time to take medicine
2. Medicine Dispensers are designed for ease of use, 7 day/four segment per day containers
3. Medicine Sorting Area for ease of sorting and grasping of medicine.
4A. Hinged Lockable Cover to prevent unauthorized access to medicine vials, cover tinted for privacy.
4B. Key Location for Lockable Cover
5. Pill Vial Storage holds pill bottles firmly in place and is adjustable for individual medical regime.
6. Communications Drawer, helps eliminate confusion when communicating with health-care providers to record medical concerns.

Additional Features:

  • Ideal for both in-home and care-giver facilities.
  • Flashing indicator screen and extra loud alarm to assist the hearing-impaired.
  • Easy and convenient travel components for day-trip or extended travel.
  • Makes excellent gift for elderly family members.


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